These neck peacemakers are made using a powerful sequence for manifesting by taking thoughts and making them real. I have manifested weightloss and got my first home using this technique. 

There are four styles of 369 neckpeaces. 

1.  2 x 369 and each number of beads is repeated twice.

2.  3 x 369 (which is how I use this manifesting tool - but it is too long for some people).

3.  Has the entire  3-6-9 pattern three times. 

4. 333, 666, 999

There are also 3 styles of Manifesting Mala Bracelets. 

1. 3's only Each set of beads is separated by sterling or gold filled or hypoallergenic stainless bead or a sterling Ohm or zinc Peace bead. 

2. 6's only Every six beads is separated by plain round sterling, goldfilled, surgical stainless, zinc peace beads or sterling ohm beads. 

3. 3 beads, then 6 beads, 9 beads separated by another version of that stone or a sterling, goldfilled, stainless, Ohm bead or Peace Bead 

4. Three in one color for the reps at each session, six in alternating shapes or colors for each time of day, and 9 of one shape or color for 9secs consider a charm with a large sterling or stainless ring that you can place between the beads. 

5. When you get your 369 Mala, you will get instructions on how to use the manifesting tool and technique. 

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