When you are doing diversity work, the upside needs to be considered from everyone's point of view. I'm sure the same holds true when you are hoping to change behavior in any arena, protecting the environment, feeding the world, equity and fairness of any kind.

While designing the ear peaces I went back and forth choosing which I preferred as the upside for each ear peace. I thought you might have the same dilemma I was having so I thought I would save you the trouble of having to get two pairs of similar ear peaces, and let you get a wrist peace or a neck peace instead. Sometimes one side of your face looks better with one upside versus another. Now you can eat your cake and have it. 

Every collection will have at least one Upside Ear peacemaker- except of course the Upside Collection which has them all. 

The lesson is, there is always an upside to be found. Don't stop until you find it. 


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