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"Many areas in our societies are full of problems. If we want a better world, we ultimately want peace in that area."

Designing and hand making jewelry from semi-precious stones that support the work of creating peace in the world is a long way from making TV content as a producer and network executive which was Karen King's former career.

By the time Karen King left her work in television she was burned
out. Her years working to make the industry more inclusive made her
keenly aware as of what it took to create change and become an inclusive industry. So when Karen King was watching the massive crowds all over the world to stop police killings of Black people on the streets of America she was moved to act.

World premiere,RUDE, Official Cannes Film Festival.

“I was so moved to see people of all races and ages in such numbers showing their outrage. I knew they needed support to face the negative responses that they would be coming. I also knew millions more are in combating bigotry in workplaces, places of worship and at family dinners working hard to make change".

We may face even abuse at the hands of our friends, family and colleagues and there is usually no one to defend us from these attacks. Now you can get Peacemaker Gems for nature’s force field. Look for stones that provide protection.

Doing the work of making peace, can be frustrating so look for the Peacemaker that will keep you calm or give you patience or protection. While we are not able to promise results because everyone responds to the stones differently, you may be surprised at how you and those around you respond.

Martin Luther King said that this work of creating peace cannot be done without the help of the Creator, and these stones from the earth have subtle energies that transform our experience of ourselves and the world around us.

But if the creator made healing foods, doesn't it make sense that he would make the ground beneath us healing as well. That's where these crystals come from.

Karen King collected stones for years. When I brought a piece of tourmaline into bed with me and my husband woke up kinder and gentler, I was blown away. I had no idea that stones could have such a marked impact on people. When I looked up the properties of black tourmaline and it said "converts negative energy into positive energy." That was it. I had found the perfect tool that could be worn every day as jewelry, and it could also connect people without having to carry a sign in the streets.