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Contentment Natural Amethyst Necklace 51" 3 x 369

Contentment Natural Amethyst Necklace 51" 3 x 369

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This all-amethyst necklace brings out the positive energy of the wearer. Can't help but feel like a God or Goddess with these powerful protective shields encircling the neck. Amethyst is February Birthstone, representing love mystery, romantic, and elegance. 

 3 x 369 helps use the powerful manifestation meditations that bring the sub-atomic thoughts into the third dimension of physical reality.  

Amethyst stands for spirit and noble love. It can be used as an emotion and symbol of an admirer. And it is also known as amulet, usually dispels demons and enhances individual luck.

This neckace designed with distinctive Tesla 369 style. It is a perfect daily look that can fit nearly all style clothes.

Creating a world of peace is going to require some major manifesting so get CONTENTMENT and get busy. 


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