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Fearless Harmony - Tourmaline & Bian Necklace 2 x 369

Fearless Harmony - Tourmaline & Bian Necklace 2 x 369

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This eye-catching peacemaker is perfect if looking for something easy to wear. We know black goes with everything, but this matte black in the 3-6-9 sequence is simply sublime.

Fear has been the tool used to divide us. We fear the power we feel we lose and the power that can over come us. This fear I trust is what made black men virtually absent in the halls of the broadcast industry. To hire the black man as more than a labourer, server or security, will take fearlessness. Make expectations and actions ones that will create harmony and not likely to go wrong. But also look at being inclusive, as an exercise in adding power rather than losing it. The opportunity is to have more voices in the choir singing in harmony adding richness to the experience of singing and listening. 


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