About Peace Maker Gems

PEACE MAKER GEMS believes what we need to create a peaceful world and peace of mind are:

  • Self-awareness.
  • Willingness to change.
  • Perseverance in problem solving.
  • Shifting point of view.
  • Release of guilt.
  • Trust in others.
  • Ending the need for revenge.
  • Ending victim hood.
  • Empowerment.
  • Fearlessness.
  • Compassion.
  • Creativity.
  • Confidence.
  • Generosity.
  • Innovation.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Taking action from new ideas.
  • Integrity.
  • Honesty.
  • Accept responsibility to others.
  • No abuse of power.
  • Kindness.
  • Humility.
  • Settling differences by listening.
  • Openness.

After spending over 20 years on creating racial equity in the film and TV content industries, I have learned some of the things that it takes to make change which is going to be necessary if we are going to create a peaceful world.

Our jewelry helps make a better world with raw, rough, irregular, smooth, and round stones, curated semi-precious gemstones, reflecting the diversity of our humanity and supporting the work of making peace inside and out: peace of mind, peace to the planet. Our jewelry is hand-crafted with carefully selected natural crystal semi-precious gemstones, designed into wearable art bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Getting a Peace Maker Gem means you are joining our tribe as a Peacemaker and getting the wearer's peace of mind. The Peace Maker you wear is one of a kind, because natural stones are unique. But I hope that the designs I have created are distinctive enough to be recognizable so that when we see each other wearing them we feel a sense of community - surrounded by others who value peace. 

The designs so far are hand made from natural irregular gemstones and round beads. I use sterling silver, gold filled earrings and surgical steel which is the best choice for sensitive ears. 


This is the Earring Peacemaker where each side of the pair is different from the other. This is the perfect manifestation of diversity. Both earrings are beautiful, but each is different. If you see someone else wearing Upside earrings, you have found a kindred spirit. Or you can show your team you value their diversity by gifting your team members Upside Earring Peacemakers. 

Throat stone

Some of the Neck Peacemakers have one larger stone that you can wear over your heart or over your throat when you double up the necklace as a choker and long necklace. 

369 Necklace

Some of the Neck Peacemakers have been made in a specific numerical pattern that is incredibly powerful in turning your thoughts into reality. 

3-6-9 Necklace

These are tools for manifestation and meditation. They come with sterling silver, crystal round beads, raw crystal nuggets, gemstone slabs and semi-precious pebbles acting as the meditation bead or as the separators, some have 4 separators, 7 separators, and 10 separators. You choose the one you prefer:

  • One version has 3,6,9,repeated twice.
  • One version has 369,repeated three times.
  • One version has each number repeated three times to manifest thought into reality. 

These are elegant malas for everyday wear and special occassions made from semi-precious stones made by the Creator. 

Tall Girl

Some of the Neck Peacemakers are in lengths of 48" - 76" long so you can double and triple or cross body these Neck Peacemakers the way you want. 

As a woman of 5'8" the designer is most excited about providing her clientele with extra long necklace Peacemakers that can be doubled and tripled for impact. 

Custom Orders

If you are interested in getting any Peacemaker in a different stone, I am happy to make a custom order for you. 

Corporate or non profit team building

If you are interested in bonding your team by all sharing the same unisex Wrist Peacemaker, by ordering 10 or more Peacemakers we will provide you with a discounted price. Call us early to get your gifts in time. Remember they are hand made by me. 

Making peace at home

If you are in the doghouse, I invite you to find a Peacemaker that will visually thrill your partner and energetically help improve your relationship or get a Gift Card so they can choose their own Peacemaker. 

If you want to honor the peacemaker in your family who takes on that exhausting role, fortify them with a Peace Maker Gem. Maybe that person is you, own it and get the support you need with a Peacemaker today. 

Gemstone Jewellery

Get big and bold Peace Maker Gems knowing that they look great, and are helping you achieve your goals to create peace. Everything has to do double duty. 

These Peacemakers are natural  semi-precious stones which increase in value, but don’t have to cost as much as a car. You can treat yourself knowing you are wearing quality jewelry hand made with love and peace. 

We are doing our best for you so you can know that you deserve the best the earth has to offer you and you deserve the support it provides. 

I use every special occasion to build my jewelry collection. Whenever I want to feel great and confident I wear gemstones, and if they are big enough to make me feel their weight, I really feel powerful. I love a big stone. 

I also love to wear gemstones every day and prefer the lighter pieces for everyday wear.