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Releasing overwhelm necklace - Tourmaline Quartz Necklace

Releasing overwhelm necklace - Tourmaline Quartz Necklace

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Releasing overwhelm is important when dealing with the burn out of working for peace. Tourmaline Quartz enhances the Black Tourmaline benefits. This PEACEMAKER is light and airy and easy to wear. Long enough to double and enjoy with everything wear. Black Tourmaline pebbles  contrast with the grey chips. Anchor confidence, stability & strength.

Each natural healing crystal of a specific color has a specific energy magnetic field. The positive energy emitted by these magnetic fields can clear and purify the negative energy around, making it easier for to feel the beauty of life.

Hand-Made with Love and Great Care: Natural crystal beads Hand-Made by a talented designer of the finest Natural Crystal jewelry & meticulously hand-assembled. Expect some slight surface imperfections with Genuine Natural Crystals.

Creating a connection to our Mother, the Earth, enhances stability and strength in our daily lives. Our products are designed to help find spiritual harmony in everyday life.

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