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Peace Maker Gems

Mental Clarity Wrist Peace - Natural Flourite 8-10mm Pebble Bracelet

Mental Clarity Wrist Peace - Natural Flourite 8-10mm Pebble Bracelet

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Sometimes it is easy to become emotional when we are trying to make a difference. Imagine having the mental clarity that allows you to speak clearly, write powerfully, and act decisively. Besides they are beautiful to wear, gemstone jewelry can be used as healing crystals and chakra stones because natural gemstones are widely known for being energy conductors that amplify, restore and create energies within our bodies and minds. 

Fluroite is stone of focus and intuition; helps increase one’s concentration, self-confidence and decision-making; It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally

Each crystal stone of this pendant is carefully selected and polished to set off your beautiful temperament. Very suitable for crystal meditation and chakra balance.

Care Instructions

Many stones benefit from being buried in a dish of salt or run under cold water.

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