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INSIGHTFUL HARMONY Natural Crystal Necklace-Pyrite 20-30mm & Citrine 8-10mm

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    Let Nature Bring Harmony

    Knowing that one can enjoy looking good with some all-important emotional well-being at the same time with Pyrite Slabs and Citrine pebbles natural crystal necklace. 

    The aim is no longer to drown the other person out. That's the old paradigm. The beauty of being inclusive is allowing everyone to see and hear their contributions being put into action. The new skill is "refusing to edit", but being insightful enough to understand what each person needs, is providing and using it all to build a harmonious orchestra where each voice can be distinctly heard and works to serve and elevate the other voices.

    Will be turning heads in this gorgeous easy-to-wear peacemaker. A perfect gift too. 

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