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Hopeful choices Necklace Peacemaker. 46" long - Mookaite, Tourmaline

Hopeful choices Necklace Peacemaker. 46" long - Mookaite, Tourmaline

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People are going to love wearing this Neckpeace Maker even if they are going to the grocery store. So put together while making peace wherever they go. The great things about this Peace Maker is that it can be a different Neck Peace every time wear it. with a small adjustment different beadds are lined up across from each other and at the bottom. 
Tourmaline pendant is a great promoter of positive energy. It is said that the black crystal dispels negative energies from the wearer. Black tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, and prosperity. It also helps understand oneself and others. Also known as "the schorl" it is a Capricorn zodiac birthstone.

    Give Mookaite to those who are stubborn and who don't take any constructive criticism on board. It is great for those who are unwilling to commit to any kind of change. It will encourage them to give something a go and encourage them to do so with an open mind.

    Black Agate - a powerful protector. 

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