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Cleansing self-awareness Necklace - Flourite 6mm & Quartz slab 20-30mm

Cleansing self-awareness Necklace - Flourite 6mm & Quartz slab 20-30mm

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Wearing this stunning natural purple fluorite necklace will make you feel like a million bucks. it looks great with everything you wear and with every skin tone. Make sure to get a pair of earrings too. The closer to the brain the better for the focus and concentration we have come to love fluorite for.

Becoming self-aware can be confronting, as we face prejudgements, transference, inabilities, or unwillingness. When we realize how we prevent peace, can peacefully cleanse ourselves from these attributes, thank them for trying to protect us as we release them. Then peacefully step up to create a new world with a new self-awareness observing creation, forgiving, loving, and sharing.

Fluorite stone is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, An easy yet great choice for loved ones- Perfect for those timeless moments.

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