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GRACE UNDER PRESSURE - Amethyst Bracelet 6mm

GRACE UNDER PRESSURE - Amethyst Bracelet 6mm

GRACE UNDER PRESSURE - Amethyst Bracelet 6mm

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All of us will need to be accepting new ideas in order to achieve Peace in our lifetime. Amethyst is one of the most popular stones for good reason. The peace stone. Purple looks great on everyone. These are stunning. Bring out the inner Goddess because it is going to take more than human energy to create peace on the planet. Let her soar. 

Amethyst is called the Energy Stone and corresponds to the Eyebrow Chakra in the human body. Wearing the Amethyst crystals earrings means calm emotions, intelligence, and stimulated thinking.


Care Instructions

These semi-precious stones are more fragile than diamonds, so treat them accordingly. Stones have their own energy & pick up the energies of the wearer so need to be cleansed occassionally to continue to work their magic. Many stones benefit from being buried in a dish of salt or run under cold water, placed on selenite, or cleansed with smoke from incense. Always set the intention for your stone as you cleanse it.

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