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These bold earrings are made with 20mm Rainbow Obsidian and a big chunk of tigers eye.

Tiger Eye is a stone of mental clarity. It activates and whets the intellect, sharpening your logic centre. 
Tiger eye helps you retain and overall view in complicated difficult situations and it also helps with any doubts and difficulties that you may have in making decisions.

Gold tiger eye offers you psychological and psychic protection to reflect back any malice or threats from others without you absorbing any of the negativity. Gold tiger eye will help you determine if a person or offer being made is reliable, just hold the stone and trust in the feedback. Gold tiger eye will help you overcome the fear of failure or competition by helping you understand that your mind is the only thing that is holding you back. Gold tiger eye assists with mental clarity. The yellow tones brighten and lighten your outlook on all that is positive, and it opens your mind to unlimited possibilities. This stone is a good companion when you are trying to remain grounded and focused on your goals and dreams and how they might be accomplished. It can help you feel empowered and unaffected by other peoples opinions on how you should act and what you should be doing. Gold tiger eye helps you keep your thoughts aligned with your personal truths and values.