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Peace Maker Gems

CALM EARRINGS - Purple Fluorite Earrings -10mm and 8-10mm Pebbles

CALM EARRINGS - Purple Fluorite Earrings -10mm and 8-10mm Pebbles

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In a time with so much mayhem, success depends on your ability to remain calm and see clearly. 

Graceful and elegant, these brilliant earrings are a bright and joyful look she will adore. It balances mood swings, alleviates fear, anxiety, and anger; transmuting these energies into higher vibrations of love and calmness.

Jewelry is a form of expression; it is also an extension of yourself. With decades of experience our skilled craftsmen combine traditional and modern techniques to deliver finely crafted jewelry you can feel good about.

Care Instructions

Many stones benefit from being buried in a dish of salt or run under cold water.

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