Meditation Wrist Peacemaker - amethyst, rudrashka

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    This bracelet will be made with elastic not with the clasp as pictured.
  • Feelings and Emotional Healing. Amethyst can help people emotionally, particularly those who are grieving. This crystal can help a person deal with painful experiences and personal losses.
  • Mind. Amethyst has a positive impact on a person's mind by relieving stress, stimulating new ideas, and enhancing psychic abilities.
  • Body. Many believe that the amethyst can cleanse the body's organs and circulatory system. It is even labeled as a blood cleanser while lowering high blood pressure and eliminating blockages.
  1. Amethyst is recognized as a stone of spirituality and contentment. It enhances spiritual awareness and promotes a higher state of consciousness. It’s well known for its metaphysical abilities to calm the mind and helps to inspire an enhanced meditative state.
  2.  It helps in enhancing cognitive perception
  3. Its inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments and creates a protective shield of light around the body.
  4. It has been believed that amethyst helps you to apply your intellectual powers to any difficult situation you might face.
  5. It helps in developing an ability to think more clearly and decision making. It works deeply on the emotional level to help in building the skill to recognize emotional patterns.
  6. It’s known as a stone of comfort for those grieving the loss of a loved one.
  7. It has a great positive effect on creativity and imaginative power by enhancing the intuition. It also helps in the assimilation of new ideas and putting thoughts into action.
  8. It helps in relieving stress and anxiety. This crystal attracts positive energy and helps in removing negative emotions such as fear, depression, and anxiety.
  9. It also helps in increasing the mental focus by amplifying the creative elements of the universal life force in you.
  10. Amethyst is known as one of the great problem-solver stones.

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