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 Founder: Karen King was watching the crowds carrying signs saying Black Lives Matter, to stop police killings of Black people on the streets of America. “I was so moved to see people of all races and ages showing their outrage and refusal to take it any more. But I also felt that they were so vulnerable and needed so much courage and persistence to face the negative responses that they would be dealing with possibly within their homes. I knew first hand how difficult their work is because I have been working for equity, diversity and inclusion in the television content industry for over 30 years. Rewarding work, can also be soul destroying. Most of us aren't fighting bigotry by marching in the streets. We are in our workplaces and at our family dinners working hard to make change. Sometimes making peace within our families is our main focus. We often face daily abuse at the hands of our friends, family and colleagues and there is no one to defend us from these attacks. Now the silent peacemakers you will find here will be providing you with nature’s force field. Doing the work of making peace,  we are often frustrated by the resistance to change, look for the peacemaker that will keep you calm and give you patience and protection. While we are not able to promise results because everyone responds to the stones differently, you may be surprised at how you and those around you respond.  
People have often said that this work of creating peace cannot be done without the help of the Creator, and these stones from the earth have subtle energies that transform our experience of ourselves and the world around us. Who knew? God is no dummy. 

I had collected stones for years, but not because I really believed they had any special power that could impact behaviour or emotions or energy. Until I brought a piece of tourmaline into bed with me and my husband woke up kinder and gentler, I had no idea that stones could have such a marked impact on people. Then I looked up the properties of tourmaline and learned that it is said to convert negative energy into positive energy. That was it. I had found the perfect tool that could be worn as jewelry, connect people without having to wear a sign on their chest.


You are joining our tribe as a Peacemaker and will be getting the benefits of the crystals that will be contributing to peace in the world that allows you to know it is contributing to the wearer's peace of mind. The Peace Maker you wear is one of a kind, but the style I have chosen is distinctive and should be easily recognizable when we see each other.

If you are interested in seeing one of the designs in a peacemaker in different stones, I am happy to make a custom order for you. 


If you are interested in bonding your team by all sharing a common peacemaker and are ordering 10 or more peacemakers we will provide you with a discounted price which is dependent on the costs the gems that you are ordering. Call us early to get your gifts in time. 


If you have been in the doghouse, find a peacemaker that will thrill your partner and help improve your relationship. Or perhaps you want to honour the peacemaker in your family. There is always someone who takes on that role. Honour them with a peace maker gem. 

Maybe that person is you. Own it and get your peacemaker today. 


If you are tired of wearing jewelry that is made of wood and shells and want to wear something big and bold that even Beyoncé couldn’t afford if was made of diamonds, you can own a big chunk of tigers eye and you can also benefit from the courage it is said to provide. Trust yourself. The stone that catches your eye is likely the stone that will be dealing with the exact issues that you are dealing with. Choose knowing that your inner wisdom will be your guide. these are semi precious gems which increase in value but don’t have to cost as much as a car. You can treat yourself knowing you are wearing quality jewelry made with stainless steel, sterling silver or gold filled metals. We are doing our best for you so you can know that you deserve the best the earth has to offer you and you deserve the support it provides. 

I use every special occasion to build my jewelry collection. I didn't know about the energy of the stones. 

 I wore semi-precious stones to the Canadian Academy Awards.

Whenever I have to feel great and confident I wear stones, and if they are big enough to make me feel their weight, I really feel powerful. I love a big stone. 








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